Leading Lines to LV

Leading Lines to LV - Singapore

Leading Lines to LV – Singapore

Here’s one more urban landscape from the boardwalk where I viewed the water and light show. It’s not unusual to have passing showers in the tropics, and it added a sparkle to the reflections. The leading lines point to the crystal-like LV store.

What’s LV? Louis Vuitton, a luxury suitcase, bag, and accessory maker. The store appears like it floats on the water and is connected to the boardwalk via a bridge. Behind the store, the flower-like ArtScience Museum.

While I didn’t visit the store this time, years ago, I took a peek inside. I wasn’t really interested in Louis Vuitton, but the architecture fascinated me. I asked if I can take pictures inside, expecting a “no” like most stores in the US. To my surprise, they said they were fine with photography, as long as I didn’t make closeup photos of the merchandise. I was floored. Shooting inside the nearby luxury mall also didn’t elicit any complaints. Surprisingly, I even busted out my tripod, and nobody cared. In the US, the mall cops will be all over someone, even trying to take a snapshot with a point and shoot.

Singapore is not as restrictive as people think, at least for photography.

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