Small Business

Small Business - Singapore

Small Business – Singapore

As I got closer to the heart of Little India, the stores and restaurants started to shift. This one appears to be an Indian restaurant. Architecturally, however, there are similarities to Arab Street — the ornate and colorful colonial architecture. You can see it when you compare today’s photo with the colorful details, from this Turkish Restaurant, that I posted a few days ago.

I often shoot buildings straight on and find a balance between the interplay of objects. I like how the people and two trucks seem to balance out the frame, at least according to my taste.

This is also a documentary look at a neighborhood in Singapore. Everyday commerce for a small business, which shows that not all of Singapore is huge gleaming buildings, multi-national corporations, and large scale tourist attractions. It’s a regular place that may be overlooked by tourists and locals alike. But worth documenting, if only to give a broader perspective to a city.

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3 thoughts on “Small Business

  1. Thanks again for showing us the “other” Singapore. I like the architecture in the top floor of the building, though I would have captured this scene without the truck out-front. I’m just curious to see what the street view of the store front.

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