Five Hours at the Taj Bangalore

Taj Bangalore - Bangalore, India

Taj Bangalore – Bangalore, India

I mentioned yesterday that I arrived in Bangalore around midnight, after my four and half hour flight from Singapore. I had six hours until my flight back home. I arranged a room at the closest available hotel so that I could get some rest. There wasn’t much selection, and I was booked at the Taj Bangalore. It was so close that I walked over, relieved that I didn’t have to deal with getting a cab.

What I didn’t know was the Taj is part of a luxury chain of hotels. The one in Bangalore was modern, but some of their other locations feature grand palace-like structures. I got to stay in some excellent hotels in India, and the Taj was certainly up there. Expensive by Indian standards, it was equivalent price-wise to a mid-level business hotel in the US. However, as you can see from the decorations, you certainly get the premium treatment. This is no Hilton Garden Inn. Too bad, I was only going to be there for about five hours.

Taj Bangalore - Bangalore, India

As you can see, the airport was really close. This is the view off the elevator. I like the contrast of the warm glow of the interior against the cool blue of the airport lights.

Taj Bangalore - Bangalore, India
Taj Bangalore - Bangalore, India

While I wanted to get to sleep as soon as possible, I spent a few minutes documenting the lobby. Sleep is critical, of course. But, you know that photography is also up there. I don’t usually get to stay in lavish hotels, so pictures were certainly in order.

Taj Bangalore - Bangalore, India

Here’s my hotel room. I probably got a solid four hours of sleep before my early morning flight. It was a brief stay at the Taj Bangalore, but absolutely helpful. My flight back to the US was going to be grueling. Eleven hours to London and another ten and a half to Dallas and one hour to Austin.

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