Last Hours in India

Food Court, Kempegowda Airport - Bangalore, India

Food Court, Kempegowda Airport – Bangalore, India

While Bangalore’s Kempegowda Airport might not be as impressive as Singapore’s Changi, it’s as modern as any around the world. After a while, I’m sure all these airports blend together for frequent world travelers. For me, it’s still all new. I’m always curious to see how an airport looks throughout my travels. I made my first visit to India in 2012 and flew into this airport, which was brand new at the time, opening in 2008.

Eight years ago, I didn’t know what to expect in Bangalore and was pleasantly surprised by this fully modern airport that looks more impressive than Austin’s. Perversely, seeing an old airport may be more interesting now, especially if it has remnants of old character-filled architecture.

I was there at the airport around 5AM. I’m not a fan of the early morning, but luckily all I had to do was walk across from the Taj Bangalore. I had breakfast at the lounge and experienced my last hours in India. Between my one week India and several days in Singapore, it was an action-packed business trip. One in which I took a lot of photographs.

Walkway, Kempegowda Airport - Bangalore, India
Seating, Kempegowda Airport - Bangalore, India

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