My First British Breakfast

British Breakfast - British Airlines

British Breakfast – British Airlines

I was on my first leg going from Bangalore to London Heathrow Airport, an 11-hour flight. Luckily, I got to travel business class, which is usually not the case for my family vacations.

Business Class gives you a lot more room, which is probably the biggest perk. Second, however, is significantly better food. The main meal featured four different courses, and the second course was this British Breakfast. The first one I’ve ever had.

I don’t know how authentic this is, but given that it’s served on British Airways, I figure it must be close. A sausage of some kind, bacon (which looks ham-like), potatoes, eggs, and a grilled tomato. It’s different from an American breakfast but similar in many ways. It was very tasty and enjoyed it quite a bit.

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2 thoughts on “My First British Breakfast

  1. There are many various of a British Breakfast depending on whether you are in England, Scotland, Walses or Northern Irelasn. The one you described has the basics. The only think missing is the toast, black sausage and white sausgae and the mushrooms.

    For years, sicne they were litte, my kids have taken me out to a restaurant for English or Sctottish breakfast every year for Fathers Day. The black sausage is my favourite part of the breakfast.

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