A Country Sign in the City

Courtyard Sign - Austin, Texas

Courtyard Sign – Austin, Texas

I was coming back from the 360 Bridge and saw this sign off of Loop 360, also known as the Capital of Texas Highway. It forms the western inner loop around Austin, through the suburbs. And, even though it’s within the Austin city limits, it looks like a country sign off of a country road.

I’ve mentioned it in passing, but I made my recent pictures — the last 6 — with the Panasonic GM1. It’s a camera from 2013 that I recently bought, partially to relieve the boredom of being locked-down at home for the last three months. I already had the perfectly matched Panasonic 12-32mm lens, and the GM1 cost me just $243 from keh.com in excellent condition.

While I have many Olympus, this is my first micro 4/3 camera from Panasonic. Its claim to fame? It’s the smallest micro 4/3 camera ever made. I shoot JPEG + RAW. The recent black and white are converted RAWs, while the Sunshine series was created with an in-camera JPEG only effect.

I’ll do a quick review of it soon. There are positives and negatives compared to Olympus. Though, for some reason, the images look sharper with the Panasonic. This photograph, in particular, really shows this off. Especially with the side lighting that adds additional drama and acutance.

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4 thoughts on “A Country Sign in the City

  1. I “reviewed” the Panasonic Lumix GM1 in 2014. The title of my review is The Panasonic Lumix GM1 is TOO small”. Otherwise I think it’s an excellent camera.

    I’m fascinated by Austin, TX. I have a friend who lives there and he’s had no problem persuading me to move to Austin, but I haven’t convinced my wife. You’ve got the South by South west conference, the Circuit of the Americas (I’m an F1 fan) and I almost attended the University of Texas at Austin (went to Georgia Tech instead).

    That roadway is too wide to be a country road in this part of New Jersey and the sign is too large. In the New Jersey country side, country roads are narrow and many have ditches on the sides and always overhead electric poles and wires.

    1. Hi Khürt,

      There is a lot to like about Austin. SXSW and F1 are big events that give Austin press coverage, but I don’t believe that’s the best part.

      Friendly people, good quality of life, and a booming economy are tops on my list. That and no cold weather. If you don’t mind the heat, it’s a great place.

      I read your GM1 review. I agree it’s very small, that’s why I like it. I wanted a point and shoot with the quality of micro 4/3. Would it be a primary camera, no. And, yes I wouldn’t pay $750 for it. But at less than half the price, I’m OK with the price performance equation.

      1. We get 32ºC and high humidity here in New Jersey this week and it will go up to nearly 40ºC when summer really kicks in. I dislike high heat and humidity but we have the Atlantic Ocean to provide some relief. The F1/SXSW etc. are the only thing that would make me look past the Texas heat.

      2. Yes, it can get quite humid in NYC, I lived there for 18 years. Austin is probably less humid but constantly hotter.

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