Rustic vs. Sleek

Mean-Eyed Cat Bar - Austin, Texas

Mean-Eyed Cat Bar – Austin, Texas

I headed downtown on the first Sunday of May for some quiet, social-distanced photography. I had a few cameras with me, including the new to me Panasonic GM1 with the 12-32mm kit lens. Most of my recent photography has been around the neighborhood and in the suburbs. But that isn’t nearly as interesting as a city. I know. Austin’s downtown — while growing — still isn’t very impressive compared to the great metropolises of the world. But for now, I’ll take what I can get.

I traveled east on 5th street after getting off the MoPac Expressway. I stopped briefly at the Mean-Eyed Cat Bar. It was closed, but no worries. I wasn’t there to drink. Instead, I like its faux-character-filled exterior. Too bad it’s surrounded by a couple of rather dull modern buildings. They detract from the illusion of this old-looking bar.

Curved Office Building - Austin, Texas

In contrast, I like this curved and sleek office building. I’m not against modern architecture, in fact, I love it. I’m just against bland buildings — from whatever era.

Certainly, these photos show a big contrast is buildings types. What makes it more interesting is that both structures are right next to each other, separated by a small driveway.

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6 thoughts on “Rustic vs. Sleek

  1. Well while a lot of what you see now is definitely faux, it had real character many years ago when i took my chainsaws there to be repaired and sharpened!

    1. Hi Jim, great to hear about the history of this building. What kind of business was it before? Hardware store? Equipment repair shop?

    1. Sounds like, according to Jim who commented, that it was a real building with character, and later additional faux bits were added on.

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