Fuji A900 Landscapes

Tree Silhouette - Austin, Texas

Tree Silhouette – Austin, Texas

I’m still at the park for today’s post, where I pulled out all the stops to make technically and hopefully aesthetically strong photographs with a rather old camera. I’m talking about the Fujifilm A900 which I reviewed a few days ago. The A900 is a 13-years-old, entry-level model with several notable weaknesses. I only paid $22 for it recently, and I’m challenging myself to make good images.

This camera only shoots in JPEG, which imposes additional limitations, which I talked about yesterday. But, there are ways around them. The camera also suffers from extensive purple fringing, which creates nasty purple-blue hazes near bright areas such as around tree limbs. There is a simple solution, however. Just make them black and whites, which I did here in post-production.

Thus, by underexposing and post-processing images, I was able to reduce the known weaknesses of this camera. Making decent compositions is an entirely different challenge. I’m still a novice at landscapes but getting a little better as I begin to train the eye. Perhaps someday, I’ll get more earnest and venture beyond a park to wide-open nature well beyond the suburbs.

Trees and Creek - Austin, Texas
Trees and Creek - Austin, Texas

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