Container Bar

Container Bar, Rainey Street - Austin, Texas

Container Bar, Rainey Street – Austin, Texas

The most unique bar on Rainey Street is the Container Bar, made of stacked shipping containers. Obviously, a modern structure, unlike most of the converted bungalow styled bars. This is located next to yesterday’s Bungalow. While it lacks the simple elegance of a classic house, the containers do make for an architecturally exciting structure.

In the past, each container was a different color. But now, everything is dark brown, which I think lost some of its playfulness. Rainey street is regularly crowded, but the Container Bar seems even more popular, usually with a line waiting to get in. The pandemic gave me an unusual opportunity to make this rather lonely photo of an ordinarily bustling place.

There is an unapproved plan to build a 53-story building here at the Container Bar and the Bungalow next doors. The City of Austin’s Historic Landmark Commission doesn’t appear to be keen on the idea, postponing its decision. I’m excited about tall shiny towers, in general. But, I fear that too many of them will destroy what makes Rainey Street unique.

If you view my blog on a big tablet or computer, the posts line up three across when you are on the home page. Quite by accident, the three featured Rainey Street bars are in the order that they appear in reality. The square posts almost give the impression of a street elevation.

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3 thoughts on “Container Bar

    1. It’s not as bad as you might think. Most of the bar is an open air courtyard. The shipping containers are around the periphery.

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