Stagger Lee

Stagger Lee, Rainey Street - Austin, Texas

Stagger Lee, Rainey Street – Austin, Texas

Stagger Lee is a bar located a couple of buildings north of yesterday’s Icenhauer’s on the same side of Rainey Street. Obviously, it is a new structure, unlike many of the restored bungalows in the area. I don’t find it as interesting architecturally as the Container Bar. But I like that it is on the scale of the other older structures. It doesn’t overwhelm the street.

I made these Rainey Street bar portraits in the third week of March, shortly after the pandemic locked down the bars and many of the businesses. It was unusually quiet, which allowed me to make these photographs mostly devoid of people and cars. The lack of clutter makes these pictures unusual, I think.

However, I do like that I caught this couple walking their dogs. Since the tourist and visitors were no longer around, I’m sure these two are locals from the neighborhood. Photographically, they add a pleasant foreground element — some humanity to an emotionless architectural photo.

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