Antone’s Pandemic Mural

Antone's Pandemic Mural - Austin, Texas

Antone’s Pandemic Mural – Austin, Texas

An empty convention center might make gloomy, though perhaps provocative, photographs. But, the consequences of this pandemic are not all negative. When the bars and clubs were first shut down, plywood put up to protect them were artistically adorned.

Of all the painted murals, located mostly on East 6th Street, I like this one the most. Antone’s, Austin’s famous blues nightclub, is located on 5th Street. The artwork that spans all three boards have continuity and scale that the others lacked — not to mention, the rich colors and optimistic imagery.

Downtown suffered two separate close-downs. After this initial one, the bars opened for a week or so before hastily being shut down again. The second wave of protective plywood was not painted artistically. The initial hopeful messages had been lost.

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