Empty Convention Center #2

Empty Convention Center - Austin, Texas

Empty Convention Center – Austin, Texas

This meandering path and patio are on the east side of the Austin Convention Center, on the opposite side from this photo, that I posted a couple of days ago. Shot on the same day back in March, it was waiting for the SXSW conference that never came.

Under more festive conditions, people would pour out of that concrete structure in the middle, which is the entrance to a sky bridge that connects to the Fairmont Hotel. It’s a mundane photo, to be sure, but I think it’s nicely balanced between the architecture and the tree. I find the very strategic positioning of the garbage cans interesting, creating way posts on the meandering path.

By the way, I was positioned along the railing, next to the skybridge entrance to create two photos (this and this) from several days ago.

I fully admit that making these photos are not nearly as exciting as visiting a historic city in Italy or some rapidly modernizing city in Asia. However, trying to compose moderately compelling photos in one’s frequently visited hometown does train one’s eye. Hopefully, I’m building up the creativity to make winning shots when I do travel again.

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