Scooter Gang

Scooter Gang - Austin, Texas

Scooter Gang – Austin, Texas

When I was downtown in September, during Labor Day weekend, I made some environmental portraits on the street. I posted those for the last couple of days. I also did some street photography. The area around 6th and Congress Avenue was a lot busier than expected, especially given that the pandemic had severely reduced tourist travel.

Many were riding the scooters that are usually strewn around the sidewalks. These scooter gangs zipped around the streets for entertainment rather than for transportation. I was pleased to see this level of activity. There were signs of life, after all, returning to the city.

The Fujifilm GFX 50R isn’t the fastest camera. It’s medium format with a 51MP sensor. Meant for landscapes, cityscapes, architecture, and portraiture. However, the 50mm f3.5 lens is surprisingly quick focusing and done correctly, the GFX can be a usable camera on the street. I found this out as I took the Fuji off the tripod and switched to handheld mode.

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