Figuring Out Scooters

Figuring Out Scooters - Austin, Texas

Figuring Out Scooters – Austin, Texas

I mentioned a couple of days ago how there were gangs of scooter riders throughout downtown Austin. It was Labor Day weekend, and people, perhaps tourists, appeared to be riding scooters for entertainment instead of a mode of transportation.

This group was trying to figure out this whole scooter thing. I saw them futzing with it. I went away to photograph, and they were still there when I came back. I found it a bit funny, knowing very well that, I too, will probably be confused. It involves downloading an app. Then you probably need to add some kind of payment system to it. Multiple steps are most likely required until you can partake in this fun.

I’ve contemplated riding one for fun. But, I usually have a camera bag with me, and I imagine the swinging bag knocking me off balance. That last thing I need is stumbling off one of these things breaking myself, my pride, and my gear. Thus, I’m left taking pictures of people trying to figure them out instead.

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