Celebrating Life’s Successes

Bar at Pappadeaux - Austin, Texas

Bar at Pappadeaux – Austin, Texas

We don’t frequent restaurants often. And, even if we do, we usually go to moderately priced ones. Years ago, before kids and when we were young, we would occasionally go to the fancier places. However, years of dealing with kid-friendly establishments have reset our expectations. But that’s beginning to change.

The kids are grown now, and I can imagine my wife and I spending more time together and having a night out. Even with the kids, they are old enough to appreciate a level above the fast-casual chains. Recently, we went to Pappadeaux — a nicer Cajun restaurant chain out of Houston. A place that we used to frequent 20 years ago.

We were celebrating my son’s outstanding academic achievement and also used it as an excuse to go to someplace nice. My son has been diligently attending his Zoom classes and studying hard at his advanced placement classes. It’s been a tough year, too, especially for a high school senior who doesn’t get to partake in any of the fun stuff as a graduating high school student. Regardless, he’s really buckled down and got high straight As.

Learning from my past COVID mistake, we dined outside. We felt better protected with widely spaced tables and a cleansing breeze. I did go inside the restaurant to use the restroom, but more as an excuse to snap some pictures. I had my mask on, of course. They had some inside diners, the place was really sparse. Even so, we will continue to eat outside. Luckily the winters in Austin are mild, and this is a viable option most of the time.

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