Rambler at Grizzly Peak

Rambler at Grizzly Peak, Disney California Adventure - Anaheim, California

Rambler at Grizzly Peak, Disney California Adventure – Anaheim, California

After an unplanned snow coverage in Austin, we are back to Disneyland. I took these pictures during a family trip in December 2019.

When we last left California Adventure, we just got out of Disney’s Frozen stage production. In that post, I made a passing reference to Princess Elsa casting a spell on Texas. Little did I know how devastating it would be.

It was after sunset when I made the truly magical photos. I love nighttime photography, and the rich Disney details came alive. The California-themed amusement park recreated this scene of a 1960s road trip to a state park.

The station wagon is a Rambler Cross Country, and Internet research indicates it’s a 1960 model. I’ve heard of Rambler, but they were just before my time. The last one was built by American Motors in 1969 when I was five.

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3 thoughts on “Rambler at Grizzly Peak

  1. Ah, yes. The Rambler station wagon. I had a 1959 model in about 1964. Same canary yellow paint with a gray accent stripe. It wasn’t the kind of car I would have chosen, but my little family had grown from two to three and the MG no longer sufficed. I was surprised to find the Rambler was a happy little car, automatic transmission, yellow paint and all. One thing I miss to this day is the nearly 360 degree visibility it provided the driver. No blind spots anywhere. Who decided that was a bad idea?

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