Park - San Antonio, Texas

Park – San Antonio, Texas

I’m still on Commerce Street, down a little from yesterday’s St. Joseph Parish, when we found our parking garage. Clearly labeled, PARK. I’ve been to downtown San Antonio on half a dozen occasions. But, I’m still vague about the various tourist destinations. We plugged in our intended restaurant and asked for the nearest place to park. Almost magically, we were directed here. The only thing better would be a completely self-driving car. I’m sure it’s coming in the near future, though probably not as quickly as the tech experts predict.

I actually had it better than self-driving since my wife was at the wheel. I certainly trust her more than some still-learning AI algorithm. I also had the benefit of being able to take urban landscapes from the car.

This modernist parking structure looks like an urban blight on the fabric of the city. However, there is no denying that it’s convenient. The San Antonio River Walk seemed busy. We needed to drive up to the 6th floor — the highest level — to find an empty spot.

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