Pinball Bling

Pinball Bling - Austin, Texas

Pinball Bling – Austin, Texas

I couldn’t help but take a picture of old pinball machines. I saw these tucked away in a curtain draped alcove at The Ballroom @ Spider House. Live music performances are awesome, but who can’t resist a little pinball bling.

This is more than retro-goodness — it’s a throwback to my teenage years. I remember these dark, cramped places well, stuffed with arcade games and pinball machines.

At one time, there was a rivalry between pinball and video games. I was not nearly that religious, like most things in life. I played both. Though if I had to choose, I lean a bit more towards the arcade games. However, with the physical controls, polished surfaces, and blinking lights, pinball machines certainly look more photogenic.

This is the last image in this series from the live music photography event. I’m headed back to Los Angeles for the remaining coverage.

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