Condo in Disguise

Century Center - Honolulu, Hawaii

Century Center – Honolulu, Hawaii

We did a lot more walking this time in Hawaii. Instead of taking a bus from Waikiki to the big Ala Moana shopping mall. Surprisingly, the map application revealed a closer distance than expected — a very walkable 1 1/2 miles — especially in the pleasant Hawaiian climate. This gave me a chance to take pictures.

I’ve always appreciated this building standing near the gateway to Waikiki. It’s modern and minimalist without being boring. While I always assumed it was an office building, research revealed it was a condo in disguise. It lacked any of the tell-tell signs of a residential structure, such as balconies.

Real estate photos revealed a less glamorous interior. It looked dated with low ceilings and modest kitchens. At least it stands proud, contrasting, with the ubiquitous palms. I’m drawn to modern architecture and palms — they both look so graphical.

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