Dynamic Changes, Endless Variety

Crowds, Times Square - New York, New York

Crowds, Times Square – New York, New York

Like yesterday, here’s another shot of crowded Times Square. This time I’m pointing south instead of north. In the center, One Times Square, the original New York Times building. That’s the same building you see in the historic 1919 photo below. A lot has changed in a hundred years, other than the crowds. One Times Square is also where the famous ball drops on New Year’s Eve. You might barely make out the glowing 2012 up there.

Broadway was closed to vehicular traffic and is now a giant pedestrian mall. A perfect place to be overwhelmed by the glittering dynamic billboards. That’s the mass of people on the right. To the left, 7th Avenue cuts through the heart of Times Square.

Crowds, Times Square - New York, New York

The Dynamically changing billboards afford endless visual variety. I made these pictures 15 seconds apart — most every sign has changed.

I just read about Midnight Moment, where at 11:57, the billboards synchronize for the world’s largest digital art exhibition. I might have documented this had I known. Perhaps my next visit.

Times Square 1919 - New York, New York

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