Broadway and the Citibike Fleet

Massive Citibike Fleet - New York, New York

Massive Citibike Fleet – New York, New York

I was in lower Manhattan, close to the tip. I originally planned to take the ferry to Staten Island — just for the view — but decided against it. Like I often do on these photo excursions, I was battling time. A round-trip ferry ride would probably take two hours of precious time. I headed north instead.

We are looking north on Broadway, which doesn’t look very broad in lower Manhattan. This road cuts across diagonally, intersecting several parks, and briefly turns into the world’s busiest pedestrian mall, before continuing.

I liked the canyon-like view and the pair of elegant copper-clad towers. I was most impressed, however, with the fleet of Citibikes available for rental. Services in a massive city like New York requires scale. I suppose that goes for bikes too. We have rental bikes in Austin with stalls for about six bikes. I counted at least 40 in this photo.

I shot this at a 55mm equivalent to somewhat compress the scene. That reduced the space between the bikes and made the background towers stand more proudly.

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