Hoping for a Bull Market

Charging Bull - New York, New York

Charging Bull – New York, New York

My next tourist destination after the New York Stock Exchange was the famous Charging Bull Statue. I looked around the exchange but didn’t see it. I was surprised to learn it was a four-minute walk south on Broadway. I always assumed it was next to the stock exchange.

This article on Wikipedia has an extensive history and mentions that sculptor Arturo Di Modica illegally dropped the bull in front of the stock exchange building. So I was partially correct. It was removed that day and placed in its current location as a temporary exhibit in 1989.

With the power of a zoom lens and optimal timing, I captured a clean shot of the bull. Unknown to me was the Charging Bull celebrated major tourist status with an extensive line.

Charging Bull - New York, New York

This picture tells the true story of how crowded it is around the bull.

I didn’t wait in line. I just snapped a few frames while the people changed out. I figured I was justified since I wasn’t posing with the statue.

The stock market in 2022 wasn’t very reassuring, and most forecasts for 2023 don’t sound much better. Here’s hoping for a bull market.

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