Times Square Portrait

Times Square Portrait - New York, New York

Times Square Portrait – New York, New York

Times Square wasn’t just about the architecture. It was a fantastic place for street photography. While I usually don’t use the big Fuji GFX 50S II to capture people on the street, this place seemed more amenable.

I like these slice-of-life photos. One of, I’m sure, thousands of portraits and selfies shot here every day. According to Wikipedia, Times Square is the most visited place globally, with 360,000 pedestrian visitors daily. That’s 131 million people a year.

The surrounding area was vibrant and seemed safe. Early experiences cloud judgments, and I was initially wary. While I wanted to photograph the area having an expensive camera seemed risky. Times Square isn’t the porn-filled cesspool it was when I grew up in New York in the 1970s.

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