Sony Models

Sony Models, Precision Camera Expo - Austin, Texas

Sony Models, Precision Camera Expo – Austin, Texas

The day after the evening VIP event, Precision Camera had day one of its winter expo. It was a Friday, and I went after work, getting there in the early evening. I don’t frequent their free classes anymore. But always look for an opportunity to make portraits. I brought my Fujifilm GFX 50S II just in case.

Unlike previous events where they had a portrait shooting setup, I didn’t see any this time. Precision tried something different, and they created two mini-studios for Sony and Canon to showcase their video gear — three models, Tanya, Yuri, and Ashley, hung out at the Sony booth.

I snapped a few photos as they sported their best pouty model look — unfortunately, with a wrinkled and distracting background. Considering the lack of special lighting, I thought this snapshot didn’t look half-bad. More importantly, I returned the next day with a new lens I bought for portraiture. After the brief Christmas interlude, I’ll feature those images and talk about the lens next week.

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6 thoughts on “Sony Models

  1. Andy – Sony Models photo is great. Yes, pouty, but all the same and it all works. Interesting the way they coupled up together. Black and white takes advantage of the light u were working with. Nice shot. So, u shot Sony models with you Fuji! 😁👍

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