Precision Camera Portrait: Yuri

Yuri, Precision Camera Portait - Austin, Texas

Yuri, Precision Camera Portait – Austin, Texas

For my third Precision Camera Portrait, here’s Yuri, seen previously as a member of the Sony models. I first met Yuri in May at another Precision Event, though I have yet to post portraits made back then.

Experienced models are enjoyable to photograph since they have many pre-canned poses. I’m not an expert in positioning and directing, so they make it easy. However, I also prefer natural portraits without over-posing. Getting to know models and having them relax is part of the trick.

The portrait session that day was the first time I used my new lens, the Fujifilm 50mm f1.0 mounted on the X-E3. It’s a ridiculously chunky lens on the smallest Fuji X-body. The results were satisfactory, producing a pleasant shallow depth of field. The eye tracking was better than expected for a five-year-old camera, aided by good lighting.

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