Times Square and Hudson Yards

Times Square and Hudson Yards - New York, New York

Times Square and Hudson Yards – New York, New York

Looking southwest from the Top of the Rock, I saw a healthy collection of densely-packed architecture. I particularly love the buildings with the tall antennas — I’m a sucker for towers with pointy tops. We also see two neighborhoods that I visited during this New York trip.

Roughly in the center of the frame, we have Times Square. The building with the red H&M sign is part of the area. Just to the right and lower is a blue LED display. That’s One Times Square, where the glowing ball drops on New Year’s Eve. You can make out the ball and the lit 2022 sign by clicking on the picture to enlarge it.

Beyond Times Square, the tall cluster of towers on the right is Hudson Yards. The tallest building in that development features The Edge observation platform which you can see jutting out. That platform is higher than the Top of the Rock, but I believe this observatory at 30 Rock has better views.

About a mile separates those two neighborhoods, believe it or not. However, they look close together from this vantage point and with some lens compression.

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