From the Top of New York

View from Edge - New York, New York

View from Edge – New York, New York

I’m assuming that the Edge is New York City’s newest observation platform since it’s part of the still-growing Hudson Yards redevelopment. It’s also its highest. You certainly get the top-of-the-world feeling from here.

A multi-tiered seating area takes you a little higher — that’s where I made these photos. The first image is looking northeast towards midtown. For years the Chrysler Building was one of the taller ones. Now it’s lost within a sea of new development. Many of the super-skinny billionaires-row condos are taller.

View from Edge - New York, New York

Looking southeast, you see the Edge’s observation platform, lower Manhattan, and Brooklyn. The big cluster of skyscrapers on the right is the financial district, including the new One World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan. A smaller collection of towers left of center is downtown Brooklyn which is also starting to sprout its substantial skyline.

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