Kalan in Black and White

Kalan by doorway #1 - Austin, Texas

Kalan by doorway #1 – Austin, Texas

The toughest place I shot during Jake’s surprise birthday party was by a glass door, next to the living room. With a wall immediately behind the model and a light source mainly on one side, I was at a loss of how to make this place interesting and to get a good exposure. A little post processing and a black and white conversion made all the difference.

What I really needed was a reflector on the left side to add more fill light to the shadows. There was a reflector handy but no one around so I went with what I had. While it looks fairly bright, the light was falling fast. These were shot at ISO 2500 and I bumped the exposure compensation up 2/3 of a stop. On the positive side, the door glass was frosted so it acted somewhat like a soft box.

Kalan by doorway #2 - Austin, Texas

Kalan by doorway #2 – Austin, Texas

I lifted the shadows a bit in post but making these monochrome really changed the mood. The shadows now work and add mystery rather than being a liability. Kalan had these wonderful dramatic poses and a beautiful profile. These portraits are very different from my usual. I didn’t pre visualize these but I’m glad I tried them. I came up with something unexpected.

Kalan by doorway #3 - Austin, Texas

Kalan by doorway #3 – Austin, Texas

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7 thoughts on “Kalan in Black and White

  1. I always shoot portraits from the dark side. Apparently so do you. You might be surprised to know that we are very much in the minority. I have ALWAYS shot from the shadow side and think it produces an elegant portrait. I don’t think the lack of bright light made your pictures less attractive. Quite the opposite.

  2. I like the “short light” approach as well. That second image is real nice. Should have grabbed me to hold a reflector for you or to blast some light through that frosted door to get your ISO down. That door is an awesome soft box.

  3. You have a beautiful model to work with, that is always half the photo. And you balance your subject well.

    I love it.

    I just wish I had time to put more photos in my blog … I can write like crazy, but I seldom find time for photos. luvsiesous.com


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