Waiting for the perfect night to capture 6th street

Colorful Bars Across the Street, 6th Street - Austin, Texas

Colorful Bars Across the Street, 6th Street – Austin, Texas

A month ago I was down on 6th street on a foggy and drizzly night. I made a photograph that I really liked — a street scene with the wet cobblestones, colorful bars and the glistening Frost Tower in the background. While I shoot often here, the weather added another dimension. I vowed to make more of these kinds of photographs.

Recently, everything aligned perfectly for another chance. It was a night with an occasional light drizzle. It was a Wednesday so the crowds were sparse and I even had free parking downtown after 6pm. I quickly got down there with my usual lightweight HDR setup, an Olympus E-PM2 with a 14mm f2.5 lens and a light tripod.

Bourbon Girl, 6th Street - Austin, Texas
Amped, 6th Street - Austin, Texas

Regular visitors probably know that I like HDR but tend to process on the light side, opting generally for a realistic look. I like to add a bit of an edge and a boost of color, for some excitement. The neon, grit and the shine off the wet streets allowed me to amp it up more than usual. I wanted a colorful, saturated and glossy feel to the photos. The kind of images that fit the famous party like atmosphere of this place.

The Trophy Club, 6th Street - Austin, Texas
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, 6th Street - Austin, Texas

The most visually exciting part of 6th street is confined to a 4 block area. Continue eastward and things get darker, the buildings more modest. What stands out for me is how densely packed the area is. Bar after bar shouts in some way to entice customers. The lights, colors, flags and neon all attempt to stake out space. The visual presence is a requirement to stay in business and capturing this cacophony photographically, all the more fun.

6th Street and Trinity - Austin, Texas
Tattoo and Pizza, 6th Street - Austin, Texas

Strip away all this bling and you’re left with standard late 19th century Texas architecture. Some of the buildings are more ornate than their small town cousins. But the buildings’ DNA is recognizable now, especially since I started visiting the surrounding communities. The big difference is that Austin is thriving while many of the nearby small towns only eke by.

Frost Tower from 6th Street - Austin, Texas
Curiosities for sale, 6th Street - Austin, Texas

Visit here on a Friday or Saturday and it’s wall to wall people. The visual queues no longer enough, these places resort to live music and calls for $1 well drinks to pull in customers. Some Austinites call this street “Dirty 6th”. I call it a photographic bonanza. It’s worth braving the young and drunken bravado or the calls for donations from the down and out. On this quiet Wednesday, about the only annoyance was occasionally wiping the mist off the front lens element. It was a good night for photography.

Darwin's Pub, 6th Street - Austin, Texas
Lit Lounge, 6th Street - Austin, Texas

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5 thoughts on “Waiting for the perfect night to capture 6th street

  1. It’s good to see the E-PM2 still getting a lot of work. Too many people tend to move on to the newest object of fascination and forget that the camera they already have is capable of producing some of the best photos. You and the E-PM2 seem to see things in the same way. Greatly to your benefit, and ours.

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