A Night with Tony Tobin

Tony Tobin Recital - Austin, Texas

Tony Tobin Recital – Austin, Texas

I had the pleasure of attending an intimate performance, last night. My friend Tony Tobin, a professional classical pianist, played Beethoven Opus 10, at the local Steinway Piano Gallery — a preview of his upcoming recital in Davos, Switzerland. And although I would love to go to Switzerland again someday, the local performance was certainly more accessible. Tony wowed a healthy crowd of music lovers, young and old.

My initial connection to Tony, however, is not though music, though I do enjoy the classics. Rather, I met Tony, many years ago through Flickr. Yes, in addition to his skill as a musician, Tony is a photographer and a movie maker. An all around creative and talented person.

As with many of my daily events, there is always a photography connection. With my Olympus PEN-F and attached 150mm equivalent lens, I created a simple portrait. Two actually, which I feature here. Both are studies in minimal black and white using an in-camera effect, with no additional post processing.

Tony Tobin Recital - Austin, Texas

I tend to default to landscape but later changed to a portrait orientation, which also satisfies, perhaps a bit more in this case. The first picture shows Tony’s relationship to the piano, I think, while the second, of Tony himself. I especially like how the high contrast profile almost reduces the images to a series of shapes, formed by bezier curves.

Tony Tobin’s website: Pianist Anthony Tobin
Tony’s Facebook Page: Tony Tobin

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9 thoughts on “A Night with Tony Tobin

  1. The subject almost demands black and white. What clean and elegant shots you’ve achieved. Having a clutter-free light background certainly helped you out there!

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