P. Terry’s Architecture and the Cheeseburger Test

P. Terry's Leading Lines - Austin, Texas

P. Terry’s Leading Lines – Austin, Texas

I’m back to Austin again with one of my wide-angle Cinematics. I made this photo about three weeks ago at a local fast food restaurant. One that our family frequents with some regularity. Their food is a notch above the typical big chains and similar to In-N-Out Burger, though with more architectural style.

Every P. Terry’s sports the red and teal colors and unique architectural touches. All are modern and some even make a bold statement. Also, each restaurant is uniquely designed and has not degenerated into a standardized corporate template. This location is on Lamar Boulevard near McCallum High School.

Beyond enjoying the architecture, this visit was special. A test of sorts after my recent gallbladder removal surgery. A month after the operation, I was ready to test my digestive system with a double cheese burger for lunch. What I forgot about, that same day, was a high school orchestra dinner featuring barbecue.

I’m happy to report that my digestive system survived and even passed the onslaught of two heavy meals. That day is when I self diagnosed myself as “cured” and allowed myself returning to standard meals. That said my burger and barbecue indulgences usually don’t happen more than a couple of times a month.

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