Drink and Click Update

Bridget through the Window - Austin, Texas

Bridget through the Window – Austin, Texas

It’s been a while since I featured portraits from Drink and Click, a social networking event that’s popular in Austin. I still attend. Except, with all the coverage from my recent trips as well as a healthy backlog, I haven’t circled backed to showing any of those photos.

For the most part, my portraits remain the same. I still shoot in black and white and use the same camera and lens. I’m honing my look, slowly, and not getting worked up about it. I think I’m gaining confidence with my style.

I made today’s photo at last week’s Drink and Click. A one-off look that’s very different from my usual. I think it straddles portraiture and documentary photography. Made at the Vortex, our first visit with Drink and Click, I believe.

They had an oversized shed which worked wonderfully for portraits. I happen to catch Bridget from the outside as she was working with photographers inside. I love the crisscross of the window’s muntin bars. Combining architecture with portraiture, may be that’s something I should pursue.

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