Morgan #2

Morgan - Austin, Texas

Morgan – Austin, Texas

Morgan did a quick outfit change, and I made another series of portraits after the other photographers got their chance. I noticed that I shot differently in this second round — shooting closer. I had more 2/3 lengths in the first round, for example. This time, most were over the waist, and many were headshots.

I don’t make enough portraits to have a pre-determined approach. Though, I suppose I have unconscious preferences. Did I start making more headshots because I like them better? Or perhaps Morgan and I became more comfortable with each other through our interactions? These are the mysteries of portrait shooting that are different than other types of photography. When taking pictures of people, there are invisible forces at play. Not so when making landscapes or cityscapes.

As you can see from yesterday’s behind the scenes setup, there was a giant light modifier to the left and a reflector to the right. Pictures made with strobes have a crispness to them that natural light lacks — that studio look. Though I think I prefer naturally lit environmental portraits.

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