Disembarkation, Arizona Memorial - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Disembarkation, Arizona Memorial – Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

As we saw yesterday, you approach the Arizona Memorial by sea. I find that there is a state change when you take a boat somewhere. I experienced something similar when visiting Alcatraz or Miyajima.

The Arizona Memorial straddles the sunken USS Arizona Battleship, which was attacked on December 7, 1941, by Japanese forces. While the memorial appears to float above the ship, I’m sure it’s anchored. Though I read that it does not touch the battleship.

Arriving by boat, there is a floating dock and a ramp that leads to the entrance. People disembark and are encouraged not to linger or take pictures of the memorial. You can take photos on the way back. The boat holds up to 150 people. The disembarkation was smooth and efficient under the watchful eye of a sailor.

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