The Newest Apple Store, Domain Northside

Apple Store, Domain Northside - Austin, Texas

Apple Store, Domain Northside – Austin, Texas

Over the last 16 years, Apple’s retail stores have undergone a few major design iterations. While always modern, minor and major tweaks have changed the stores considerably throughout their life. Today, the newest Apple Store opened in Austin, at the Domain Northside, which replaces an older one located in the original section. It’s the first time I’ve experienced the newly created design language that is emblematic of the flagship stores throughout the world.

The original Apple Stores were very white inside, with wood floors and glass accents. The outside was black stone, as I recall. Later, the wood floors were then replaced by stone. Over the years, the outside and inside morphed into a gray stainless steel. More recently Apple began using larger sheets of glass for a lighter, airier feel.

The most recent changes have moved to a more organic look with textured oak furniture, brown leather seating, creamy stone walls and tall trees. The flagship stores in San Francisco, Dubai, Singapore and Chicago features this new design language. The Apple Store in Austin, that opened today, also has these design elements.

The store was probably more crowded than usual, being opening day and with a line for the popular iPhone X, but the tall ceiling and big glass panels made for a surprisingly open feel. The store is located in a prominent corner of the new Domain Northside, incidentally, right next to the Archer Hotel, which features one of my photographs.

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