The Places in Between

Sarika, Van - Bangalore, India

Sarika, Van – Bangalore, India

As I wrap-up the environmental portraits from India, I wanted to show photos that didn’t conveniently fit into the narrative. Over the last several days, I featured four different locations, a cafe, an abandoned building, a doorway and a temple. These were the photos I made in between, as we moved from place to place.

I created this first portrait of Sarika in an old van, located in the same compound where I found the doorway with character. With the limited time and the flow of the shoot, I didn’t make portraits here with Priya or Veena.

Model Shoot , Behind the Scenes - Bangalore, India
Model Shoot , Behind the Scenes - Bangalore, India

These next two are behind the scenes images. I captured the black and white just as we were leaving the cafe and right after Veena joined us. We were heading off to search for old buildings as a backdrop. I made the color photo as they were heading towards the car to get to the temple.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the light levels was dropping rapidly as evidenced by the EXIF data. If I did my exposure calculations correctly, the light level of the second photo was about 5 times lower than in the first. This was compensated by a higher ISO, a slower shutter speed and a larger aperture. Light levels are more critical for cameras. Human beings are less sensitive to these changes, normalizing light levels automatically. We only notice changes if there are big differences.

Priya, Cafe Life - Bangalore, India
Priya, Cafe Life - Bangalore, India
Priya, Cafe Life - Bangalore, India

Priya, Cafe Life – Bangalore, India

Finally, I made these black and whites of Priya at our first location. The first two photos are monochrome versions of the photos I featured in my Cafe Life post. You can see how different they seem compared to the color versions and I prefer the black and whites. My typical portraits have shifted away from color; I feel there is a more emotive and moody quality with the monochromes.

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