Futuristic Towers Rising

New Construction from Congress Avenue - Austin, Texas

New Construction from Congress Avenue – Austin, Texas

After a nearly two and a half month hiatus, I’m back with downtown Austin architecture. However, this series will be somewhat different from last year’s black and whites. For one thing, most of the images will be in color. And, there are other technical differences too, which I’ll explain in an upcoming post.

We are on Congress Avenue looking north-west. Back in my July post, these two towers were only half as tall. You can see from this photo that I made in late October, the buildings are now topped out, achieving their maximum height.

Oddly, I really like this image — looking somewhat futuristic. The two towers are certainly more than boring glass boxes. The closer building, 405 Colorado — in particular — looks distinctive. Its design is somewhat controversial, but I like it for its uniqueness.

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