A Model Shoot in Bangalore

Model Shoot - Bangalore, India

Model Shoot – Bangalore, India

We’re back in India again, to last December when I was on a business trip to Bangalore. Unlike the street photography which I featured in my last series, we have models. Three of them as you can see; Veena, Priya and Sarika from left to right.

During that week, at dinner, I met Saran who is a professional photographer. It was great fun talking photography and though I’m not a professional, from my blog he can tell that I was passionate about making images. He suggested that we go shooting that weekend, on Saturday, and he was bringing models. How can I refuse.

Unlike the photo shoot with Sahana who I photographed dressed in a traditional Sari, the models were sporting modern designs. We hit upon the idea of having well-worn or old architecture as a backdrop. Something that would contrast with the contemporary clothing. And thus, a plan was hatched. One that we had fun executing all afternoon and into the evening on Saturday.

You know I’m a prolific shooter and I made over two thousands photos that afternoon. We went to multiple locations and tried different things; creativity and troubleshooting rolled into one. A very memorable experience, to say the least, making photographs of beautiful women in an exotic place. I fancied myself being like Steve McCurry shooting the Pirelli Calendar in 2013, photographing models in a distant land. Yeah, I know it’s not the same but that’s the story I made up for myself.

In this new series starting today, I’ll feature lots photos spread over multiple posts. Something very different from my usual, since I don’t make posed model portraits very often, except at Drink and Click events.

Take a look at Saran’s wonderful work at Saranj Photography.

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